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Bold Move: Zachary Quinto Wears a T-Shirt with a Three-Piece Suit

  • Najib Benouar


In this new series, we analyze the sartorial risks and rewards of the moves taken by men far bolder than your average menswear enthusiast. Results may vary.

Zachary Quinto showed up to the TCA Fox All-Star party in a typically dapper three-piece suit by John Varvatos. Except he ditched the shirt and tie for a plain charcoal T-shirt. That’s right, a T-shirt and three-piece.

To the video replay:

Degree of Difficulty: Slightly lower than Nick Wooster riding a giraffe.

Did It Work: For the most part, yes. The guy actually looks pretty slick. The otherwise dressed-up look—the shoes especially sell the formalness—takes the T-shirt from a slovenly afterthought to an unexpectedly cool move.

Do or Don’t Try This at Home: Ultimately, we’d advise against incorporating this move into your three-piece routine. While we can see the case for a laid-back tee-under-cotton-blazer move during an Italian vacation, the above situation is probably the only time you can get away with the above look.

Including the requirement that your name be Zachary Quinto.