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Bo Don is Suspicious

Trad on the Run: The big news of the day: Mark McNairy is succeeding Daiki Suzuki as creative director of Woolrich Woolen Mills. Brilliant guy, awesome brand…there’s a reason everyone’s excited about this. We can’t wait to see what he does with it. [WWD]

Screened: A gentleman’s guide to sunscreen, without the ludicrously priced options magazines are sometimes obligated to include. Bookmark this one. [Valet]

This is Bat Country: The Times tags along with a classic car rally running from Zurich to Douz, Tunisia. It would have been a better piece if they’d taken more hallucinogens. [The Moment]

Haters No Like: In a depressingly comprehensive overview of the worst things about summer, madras gets called out as “the fabric equivalent of being harassed by a squad of lacrosse players.” Oh the rage! [Gawker]