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Blowing Bubbles


Usually associated with third-grade classrooms and ill-fated hamsters, the terrarium is making a comeback. This model, from Manhattan-based sculptor Paula Hayes, is our favorite so far. A shell of elegantly hand-blown glass around some perfectly arranged horticulture, it’s not a plant so much as piece of living art. Or at least something to fill up that empty spot in your bookcase.

Hayes’ model is more like a bubble than a box, which goes a long way in shaking off that school-project feeling. The space inside seems rarefied, and genuinely separate from the world outside, which has been the appeal of the terrarium since its Victorian heyday. We’re still waiting for the salamander-based followup, but we’re sure it’s just a matter of time.

Proud owner of one of the most bewildering, Miranda July-esque Flash pages we’ve seen in some time, Ms. Hayes’ other projects include graphic art, designer rooftops and a little Hamptons-based landscaping. We assume she’s on the grand vision side, not the lawn bag side.