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Mass-market preppy outfitter J. Crew has apparently been running short on inspiration, so much so that they’ve turned to biting The Sartorialist’s style. Their spring preview just surfaced, and one of the shots (on the right) bears an uncanny resemblance to a pic the Sartorialist posted in June of ‘07 (on the left).

J. Crew’s main addition seems to be the sickly-colored blazer, but the poofy pocket square remains gloriously intact. The surprise is how shoddy the J. Crew photo turned out, given that it was taken in a carefully controlled studio (with fill lights that could have taken out that unfortunate shadow), while the other was in completely natural light more or less candid. We even prefer the pose of the original: anyone dressed like that is bound to be busy.

Mostly, The Sartorialist deserves kudos for showing a little ankle seven months ago, before the current season’s yen for bare ankles. Sockless white bucks, of course, are always in style.