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Billy Reid’s Triumphant Return to Louisiana

  • Najib Benouar


Today we come bearing great news for the state of menswear in Louisiana: native son Billy Reid has returned—and just opened up shop in uptown New Orleans.

Naturally, you can expect plenty more of Reid’s trademark lived-in luxury—from the knotted-wood shelves to the brass racks to the stuff that’s hanging on them. What’s more, Reid—known for his Americana that plays just as well in New York as it does in Alabama—actually grew up in the Louisiana wetlands before heading to New York to cut his teeth in design and ultimately settling in Florence, AL (now the base of operations for his ever-expanding empire). So consider this a homecoming of sorts for menswear’s resident Southern gent.

And we’ve got your first look into Billy Reid’s triumphant return to Louisiana right here: 1202_BillyReid_1 1202_BillyReid_2 1202_BillyReid_3 1202_BillyReid_4 1202_BillyReid_5 1202_BillyReid_6

Billy Reid, 3927 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA