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Barbara Palvin Has Learned the Secret of the Ooze

  • Najib Benouar

Barbara Palvinvia FGR

Turtles in a Nutshell: Mental Floss caught up with TMNT’s cocreator for a very comprehensive history lesson on the young clan of heroic mutant reptiles. (Answering any burning questions you’ve had since adolescence.) [Mental Floss]

Pizza Pizza: Learn of the subtle nuances between America’s 10 distinct styles of pizza. (Something a modern man should be well-versed in.) [Zagat]

Atop Ten: The 10 reasons you should climb Mount Kilimanjaro, from a guy who’s done it. (Not that you hadn’t planned to already.) [National Geographic]

Time to Buzz the Tower: And now, 40 pictures of fighter jets breaking the sound barrier. [TwistedSifter]