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Balancing Act


Fabric scraps are having quite a year. First, they gave Looptworks a business model, and now they’re giving New Balance a few hundred shoes to play with.

This week, New Balance is launching the 574 Clips collection, a set of 480 shoes stitched together from pig-suede scraps in the semi-iconic 574 silhouette. And since they’re hyping their American manufacturing cred—as well they should, given the sneaker landscape—each pair will have “USA” stitched onto the tongue, courtesy of Lawrence, MA. (O amber waves of suede?)

Of course, just throwing up a few billboards wouldn’t be scrappy enough, so they’re getting a little creative…

In honor of their new favorite 480 pairs, New Balance has thrown 480 video clips on the collection’s website—one featuring each pair—and is letting whoever ends up with the pair in question put their name at the end of the clip. (Just click the “claim” tab and enter the secret code if you recognize your pair.) It’s all very web 2.0…but it’ll be interesting to see how many have been claimed in a month’s time.

Meanwhile, here’s a few of our favorites, including muppets, acrobatics, and surprisingly unsettling slo-mo. Congrats to whoever nabs these three pairs: