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B for Effort


One of the highlights of the capsule show was a British marque called “b”. (The store is b Store, the in-house line is b Clothing, shoes are b Footwear, and so on.) They’ve been one of the highlights of the London scene since they opened in 2000, but they’re only building up a stateside presence now. Their website has a few highlights—including a few bathrobe-esque takes on the waistcoat—but their merch at capsule was a cut above.


For instance, the double-breasted shirt up top may be on the adventurous side, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it popped up on a MOTH or two, especially with the equestrian streak that’s been going around. Combined with this workwear-inspired jacket, it adds up to a look that we haven’t seen much of on this side of the Atlantic.

At least not outside of a runway or two.