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Autodromo’s New Watches Are Inspired

  • Najib Benouar


There’s plenty of handsome vintage-inspired gear in this world—baseball gloves, waffle irons, that sort of stuff—but most of it favors style over substance.

So we were pleased to see that the eye-catching new fleet of chronos from Autodromo, inspired by the ones worn by ’70s race car drivers, wasn’t all just for show.

Behind those dual-tone dials and the nostalgically bulbous charm there’s a hybrid quartz-mechanical movement that ensures the chronographs really work like they should—down to 1/5th second accuracy. Which will also come in handy the next time you’re clocking your 40-subway-stair dash. (Or while enjoying a particularly Hemsworth-in-Rush-esque weekend.) The real standout of the bunch is the yellow-jolted Vic Elford Prototipo modeled after the legendary racer’s iconic Porsche 907, but all three are quite handsome.

As you can see here...