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At Last, Doing Justice to Leather


We said before that most leather jackets out there are just mistakes waiting to happen. Well, finally one that we like has fallen into our laps, and despite the timing—97 degrees and rising—good-looking leather is hard to come by, so we thought we'd share the wealth.

French DJ team Justice has teamed up with art and clothing boutique Surface 2 Air to bring you this new twist on a classic look. Not as Ramone-esque as most of the other options out there, and definitely stylish enough to not be confused with a motorcycle jacket, it should fit nicely in your closet somewhere between your summer linens and fall pea coats.

Even if you don’t bust it out this summer, a leather jacket that will make you look like up-and-coming French techno scenesters Justice instead of a kitsched-out tourist is always a nice addition to the wardrobe.

And who knows, it may actually cool down this summer.

— T.N.