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Ashley Smith is No Longer Welcome at Whole Foods

ashleysmith_crop.jpgvia WBE

It’s Fall, Bitches: A profanity-laced ode to the season of decorative gourds. [McSweeney’s]

Ophuls Represent: Wes Anderson’s top 12 Criterion DVDs are not as twee as you might expect. [Criterion]

Bundle Up: Barneys sits down with Nigel Cabourn, who apparently used to employ a young Paul Smith. [The B List]

As Far As We Can Tell, This is Not a Joke: The LIFE archives has put together a 30-picture photoset entitled “What Can You Carry on Your Head.” One of the answers is, “You Can Carry a Large Pile of Clothing in a Mushroom-Shaped Hat.” Good to know. [LIFE]