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Giorgio's Alternate Reality


Dear Giorgio,

How goes it, amico?

We know you usually leave the business and marketing stuff to the wonks down the hall these days, but we just wanted to check in with you—this review of your Second Life store was a little troubling. We know you've been trying to get ahead of this particular trend as you have with so many in the past, but this is different.

This is scary.

Look, we're just as frightened of these Second Lifers as you are (did you know that they actually use the term "RL" to distinguish the Real Life from their digital daydreams?) and the fact that they churn out more fashion editorial than all of Manhattan put together (shut-ins do have certain advantages in this area). But that doesn't mean you had to scrap together some odd, Paramus looking boutique for them. We mean, sure, there's marketing opportunities to be had out there in the ether realms. Maybe even one day you'll be able to sell Emporio "skins" to virtual customers for actual prices. But do us a favor—until they work out the kinks and the kooks, stick to the analog fashions. After all, we don't think most "SL" users have the waistlines for the real stuff.