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Appetite for Destruction


The internet is atwitter lately over one aspect of the Bond movies you might have overlooked: the architecture.

The UK *Guardian*’s in-house pontificator Steve Rose takes some time out from the usual culture warring to point out all the lovely hideouts the Bond villains have set up—usually with the help of an unnamed post-modern architect or two. It’s quite an education, even if most of those lovely concrete angles are in ruins by the end of the film.

They’re mostly talking about the Connery/Moore films, but it’s worth a quick look at why Bond always ends up dodging chunks of concrete in the last reel. Bond is a champion of the wood-paneled aristocracy, so it’s only that the villains always find themselves in modernist lairs. Anything with too sharp an angle or insufficiently clubby environs is just asking to get an Aston Martin driven through it. As for demolishing the Venetian Palazzo in *Casino Royale*, the answer’s simple: that’s the work of emo bond who’s mad at everything, regardless of cultural pedigree.

Glad we could clear that up.