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Antlers on Your Temples

  • Najib Benouar

Now that we’re unquestionably into sunglasses season, you’ll want to brush up on our Icon’s Guide to Sunglasses. Then you’ll want to turn your attention to this new line of shades, Westward Leaning. They only make one style—a classic keyhole Wayfarer that splits the difference between McQueen and Cruise—but they keep things interesting by slotting different, unexpected materials into the temples.

Our favorite pair has been outfitted with antlers shed by elk in Wyoming and harvested by a local Boy Scouts troop allowed to auction off their findings in return for a donation toward preserving the herd. It’s all very Teddy Roosevelt (the sunglasses’ namesake) and makes for a great backstory. One best told while speaking softly and carrying elk antlers.