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Andre Goes East, Big Mac Makeover and Alan Goes Disco

andre 3000

The Cumming Storm: Our favorite Scottish pixie swings from a disco ball and makes it rain champagne. We'd like to think he was celebrating his recent MOTH win. [NYPost, 3rd Item]

Low Profiles: According to our boy David Coleman, "Fashion Insider Ken" is a boring dresser. [NYTimes]

Model T: Redefining luxury by redesigning a time-worn staple. [Coolhunting]

Bra Snap: The Lingerie Bowl has been canceled! Now what are we going to do on Sunday? Oh, right… that. [TMZ]

…Like a Polaroid Picture: Andre 3000 says he doesn't really follow fashion. Having run into him in camouflage safari gear a couple times, we'd agree that the man blazes his own trails. [NYObserver]

Billions Served: McDonald's will be getting new unis courtesy of one of Princess Di's favorite designers. So long as Ronald gets to keep his socks, we're cool with this. [FemaleFirst UK]

Political Phrenology: Width and length battle it out in the primaries. [Material Interest]

Ghost Rider: This is everything we ever wanted for Christmas. [PSFK ]