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Andre Agassi, Federico Fellini and Sneakers

  • Kempt Staff

082614-andre-agassiToday’s must-reads from around the Internet.

Wigging Out: On the eve of the US Open, Andre Agassi talks to T Magazine about sneakers, neon and the perils of pierced ears.

Bank It: One of Italian cinema’s most prolific lensmen, Federico Fellini will most likely be remembered for works like La Dolce Vita, but Open Culture dug up his final, forgotten works: three commercials for the Bank of Rome.

Lace Up: Complex argues that the golden age of sneaker is right now and you’re too busy complaining to notice.

Trade Essentials: Freemans Sporting Club’s master tailor, Enrigue Vijande, lays out his tools of the trade for High Snobiety.