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And You Thought the Military Was Gay Now...

In the process of researching various stories over the summer, we’ve stumbled upon a handful of vintage photographs that, at best, defy logic: Babe Ruth regifting a poodle to a wounded veteran on a stretcher, for example. A sinister “police officer” glaring at a splayed-out, tank-suited swinger, with a ghostly goddess in the distance patiently sashaying down the beach in an evening gown, for another example.

Jury’s still out on whether our readers are yearning for the latest in this head-scratchingly bizarre series, but one thing is certain:

This is the least heterosexual depiction of American servicemen we’ve seen since Rent opened during Fleet Week in ’96...

Rather than editorializing on this one, we’re simply going to invite you to enlarge the photo above and dive into some truly exceptional copy from Good Housekeeping, 1943.

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