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And the Winner Is…

Last night was an emotional roller coaster for anyone who cares about stammering royalty or Kirk Douglas’ well-being, but we thought we’d offer a few extra awards as a palette cleanser, starting with the best penguin suit of the night. Statuettes are available on request.

Best Tuxedo: Darren Aronofsky This one goes to the newly stylish Black Swan director, representing the New York avant garde in a minimal 3.1 Philip Lim tux. Double-breasted outfits had a pretty good night, but Aronofsky’s stood out for mixing a bit of weirdness into the usual classicism. Instead of a classic six-button or a modern four-button, he went with an extremely rare two-button. On a more subtle note: the bottom of the jacket hits around the heel of his palm—a look more often seen on jackets worn without a tie—which makes the whole ensemble seem a lot more young than the red carpet is used to.

Best Grooming: Geoffrey Rush’s Hairless Skull Ok, it’s for a play he’s doing—but he pulled it off perfectly. On paper, it seems like the same Agassi/Moby look that swept through the 90s, but on Rush it comes off as something more classical—closer to Freud or Le Corbusier. Naturally, we approve.

Best Comeback: Matthew McConaughey After a decade of bongo-playing and increasing shagginess, McConaughey made a return to his GQ days. After all these years, he still cleans up good.

Worst Tux: Russell Brand On some level, this works. It’s Russell Brand, he’s professionally over-the-top and wearing garish clothing is part of the shtick. But between the midnight blue and the troubling sheerness of it all, it’s a little too close to something the non-Russell Brands among us might be tempted to try out. Our advice: unless you’re wearing a kilt, there’s no such thing as formal plaid.