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Anchorman 2: A Style Breakdown

  • Najib Benouar


By the beard of Zeus, it’s finally happening.

We’ve been anticipating the sequel to Anchorman ever since we heralded the upward trend in stylish movies last summer. And now that two official trailers have just hit the web, we have the visual confirmation. We never thought we’d be this excited by the sight of such egregiously wide ties and wildly luxuriant mustaches, but seeing the gang back in action is indeed a sight for sore eyes. The setting jumps from Nixon-era San Diego to Reagan-era NYC—yes, those are perms—and you can see the styles have shifted as the crew struggles to keep up with the times (luckily, Ron hasn’t lost his affinity for turtlenecks). It’s worth taking a closer look, so...

Join us as we break down the style from Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues:

1024_Anchorman_1It would seem Brian (always the fashion plate) has just woken from a very deep, late-’70s disco nap.

1024_Anchorman_2Now that they’re in NYC, Champ citifies his cowboy hat by going with a darker shade.

1024_Anchorman_3Here’s a shot of Ron (inexplicably nursing a beached shark) in a getup you might actually be wearing today: a Nordic sweater and medium-wash jeans. Very apropos.

1024_Anchorman_4This guy is definitely ready for the ’80s.

1024_Anchorman_HEDThe turtleneck is back in action, people.

1024_Anchorman_6Usually, Brick’s trad-leaning personal style is the only thing keeping him out of trouble, but a pair of GTH pants backfires on him when he’s confronted by the new technology of green screen—causing his pants to disappear on the monitor.

Naturally, hilarity ensues.