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Anais Pouliot has Danced Too Hard

Homegrown: Club Monaco and ACL team up for a new collection, entirely made in the US. Not too shabby. [GQ]

The Artist as a Young Man: You can never have too many pictures of John McEnroe. [Secret Forts]

It Wasn’t Even That Good of a Day: A critical consideration of Ice Cube’s “It Was a Good Day,” which artfully skirts the controversial triple-double issue. [A.V. Club]

“Pie is the Food of the Heroic”: A long, impassioned plea for the superiority of pie over ice cream, as published in the New York Times circa 1902. The key phrase: “No Pie-Eating People Can Ever Be Permanently Vanquished.” As true today as when it was written. [Lawyers, Guns and Money]