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An Ode to the Rolled-Up Sleeve

The fashion world draws a pretty clean line between fall/winter and spring/summer. The shops changed over about six weeks ago, and the hypothetical wardrobe made the shift roughly a month after that. We’re as guilty as anyone. We’ve been waiting all winter to bust out the linen pants—and now that they’re almost seasonal, we’re pretty excited about it.

The only problem is, that’s not how people actually dress. So we’d like to offer a few words of wisdom on the style limbo of early spring, focused around the all-important image of the rolled-up sleeve.

This shirt is the perfect example—the kind of all-purpose button-up you can wear year-round. It doesn’t need to be swapped in and out of storage twice a year, and it’s one of the best things to be wearing if you don’t know whether you’ll finish the day at 65 or 45 degrees.

The gentleman pictured is well equipped for the more summery of the two, but throw on a golf jacket, a scarf and (if he’s feeling particularly on-trend) a jean jacket as a middle layer, and he’s ready for anything March can throw at him. In short, be ready to change styles on the fly, and keep around a few loose pieces that will help you do that, even if it’s just a rough-and-tumble sweater in your bottom desk drawer.

The resulting look won’t resemble the summer-ready gear you see in lookbooks, but it should have a thrown-together charm all its own. It’s impromptu style—one of the more pleasant by-products of unpredictable weather.