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All the Bond You’ll Ever Need


Much like the classical corpus, the world’s supply of James Bond memorabilia requires constant attention to keep it preserved for future generations. Fortunately, these treasures have finally found a home.

A British collector named Peter Nelson has taken it upon himself (via Gizmodo)to catalog as much of 007’s gadgetry as possible, including Goldeneye’s Soviet tank, a handful of Aston Martins, and the titular golden gun. (And yes, for the curious, he did learn to drive the tank.)

It’s not a bad stash, even if we probably won’t ever make it out to Keswick to see it. The important thing is that future generations have access to the pop cultural riches we so thoroughly enjoy. But why stop with Bond? There’s a whole world of cultural characters with backgrounds just as deep. And we’ll be the first to say, the stars of Miami Vice deserve a monument to honor their sacrifice.

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