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Mr. T

In another chapter in the contentious, controversial dialog over men's jewelry, the Wall Street Journal reveals that, "sales of men's bling have taken off, nearly doubling from 2004 to 2006 and reaching $6 billion in the U.S." No suckers, The Journal intimates that perhaps these figures have as much to do with clever luxury promotion and the recent crests in middle-class ostentation as true style. According to one expert, the trend has moved from hipsters and rappers to, "orthodontists in New Jersey,"—a tipping point or a death knell. Russell Simmons , with a somewhat different perspective, says he's never seen, "a more untapped market."

Look, trends come and go, but questionable gold baubles are harder to unload. As the Journal says, "unless you're Johnny Depp, there are limits to men's new freedom with jewelry." Point being, you're no Johnny Depp and regardless of mewelry's short-term future it is best to follow that old rule of women's dress: look at yourself in the mirror and remove the first thing that catches your eye. People should be looking at you, not your bling.

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