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All Shook Up


One of the perks of being a blogger (aside from the untold riches) is the power to indulge in pet causes from time to time. But choose wisely…

TechCrunch founder and professional networker Michael Arrington has picked a pretty odd one: abolishing the handshake. Motivated by a mild, reasonable germophobia, Arrington has made a fairly consistent case for doing away with the practice, and today the cause made it all the way to the Boston Globe Magazine which, we assume, counts as the big time.

It’s hard to get around the germ argument—nobody wants swine flu, after all—but we can’t help but think a little Purell in the boardroom would do away with that complaint. And it’s telling that the official public health term for this kind of germ avoidance is called “social distancing.” It doesn’t sound like something we need a whole lot more of. As increasingly web-dwelling creatures, it’s hard to appreciate exactly how important physical human contact is. It doesn’t have to be palm-to-palm…but somehow we don’t see the forearm bump catching on.