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Alert: Italian Soccer Players Are Stylish

  • Shawn Donnelly


This is the latest installment of The World Cup According to Kempt™, our series on the stuff that really matters at this summer’s tournament in South Africa.

The Italians take on Paraguay today in the World Cup. And no matter how they fare on the pitch (we’re predicting a 1-0 victory), we suspect they’ll win the off-field style battle. That’s because for the second World Cup in a row, they’ll be wearing a Dolce & Gabbana-designed “formal uniform” on their official team trips. Shown in the sketches here, the uniform consists of a navy Martini suit designed exclusively for the team, to be partnered with a classic white shirt, a jacquard blue tie with tiepin and a four-buttons waistcoat.

And because it’s both chilly and sunny in South Africa this time of year, Dolce has also equipped the players with a quilted blue trench coat and some classic aviators that display the Italian flag at the hinge. (You’ll be happy to hear the shades can be picked up at D&G boutiques for $260. A version of the Martini suit can be found there as well.)

Of course, Italy isn’t the only team to do something like this. We noticed England looking pretty dapper after their opening-game tie. (The cloth in the England suit is home-grown in Leeds.) Note to U.S. squad: need to partner with an American suit designer in 2014…