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Against the Wine Spritzer

Wine Spritzer

GQ’s interview with Drake this month is troubling for many reasons—not least of which is the most depressing failed come-on we’ve ever seen in a cover story. But perhaps the worst revelation about Mr. Aubrey Graham is his favorite drink: the wine spritzer.

We’ll just say it: you can do better.

This isn’t about manliness or guy code or any bro silliness like that. Whiskey isn’t for everyone, and there’s nothing wrong with a light summer drink—but there are so many better ones to choose from. We’d start with sangria, which has the benefit of actual fruit, but the short list also includes the julep, the gin fizz and plain old whiskey and lemonade. Even a michelada would give you some kind of kick, as opposed to the loose, watery tartness of a spritzer.

It commits the cardinal sin of the cocktail game: wasting your ingredients. The carbonation runs roughshod over any interesting notes the wine might offer, and all you get in return is a weaker drink. If you’re concerned about overindulging, try double-fisting with water or just plain not drinking as much. Just don’t take it out on the grigio.

And try not to make a pass at the reporter next time.