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Adventures in High Fashion


The world outside prêt-a-porter can be a strange and frightening place. Case in point, this jacket from Aitor Throup. There are fashion statements of all kinds, but when you find yourself stitching rubber skulls to a suit jacket, it may be time to reconsider your aesthetic.

On the plus side, the skulls zip open, so you’ll have somewhere to put your blackberry.

This jacket is part of Throup’s “What Happens when Football Hooligans Become Hindu Gods” collection, which comes complete with extensive drawings and a labored backstory. This particular item is Shiva, the god of death, who is apparently taking a break from his film career. Others include Hanuman (a toggle coat with a vaguely simian cowl) and Narasimha (a coat with a lion’s head built into the fur-lined hood).

Various supporters (including the Louis Vuitton Don himself) have gushed about the designs as like a 3-D comic book, but that’s hardly an argument for a piece of clothing. We’re sure it looked great on paper, but it should have stayed there.