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About Redford’s Watch in All Is Lost


Do yourself a favor: go see All Is Lost posthaste. It’s got incredible action, some moments of real solitude and beauty, and of course his eminence Robert Redford giving a gutsy, craggy, understated and altogether haunting performance.

Also: there’s a real beauty of a watch in there...

Now, to be clear: the movie’s too thrilling for us to have spent a ton of time contemplating Redford’s wristwear. That said, we occasionally found ourselves wondering what kind of a watch could endure some of the extremes he does—specifically, being rapidly (and repeatedly) dragged through the Indian Ocean by a storm.

We assumed it was a Rollie—after all, Bob’s right wrist (always his right wrist) sported a Submariner in All the President’s Men and (we’re pretty sure) The Candidate,* not to mention a bunch of offscreen appearances through the years.**


But it turns out it was a Seiko—this Seiko. The SKX175, an automatic diver. Obviously, it’s pretty Rolex-like in the looks department. (The bezel’s very Pepsi/GMT Master–ish.) It’s a little more affordable than your standard Submariner (helpful in case, ahem, all is lost). And maybe most importantly, it’s waterproof down to 660 feet. Because you never know when a shipping container might sink your vessel...


*Check it out for yourself on the homepage for our Twitter feed.

According to legend, Redford turned down the gift of a gold Submariner because he isn’t “a gold kind of guy.” We assume the watch found a good home.*

***Do you like photos of Robert Redford wearing a Rolex? Because this site has some amazing photos of Robert Redford wearing a Rolex (and is where we nicked the anecdote above).