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A Weekend of Whitney

Last night, for the first time in recent memory, the Grammy Awards kind of felt relevant. Not for the entire three and a half hours, of course—but one would be hard-pressed to stage a more fitting memorial to the late Whitney Houston than Jennifer Hudson’s haunting, a cappella rendition of “I Will Always Love You.” As for the rest of the Grammys, here’s how we saw it...

The Biggest Winners: Adele, Foo Fighters, Bon Iver The Best Winners: Civil Wars, The Book of Mormon, Louis C.K. The Coolest Winners: Gustavo Dudamel, Levon Helm The Oldest Winner: Betty White Best Moment: B-side of Abbey Road finale by Paul McCartney

Elsewhere: Greece and contraception under fire, Whitney remembered in Abu Dhabi...

GREECE FIRES Over the weekend, 80,000 protesters filled the streets of Athens, setting ablaze historic buildings and hurling flares and marble chunks torn from ancient squares. Greek MPs passed a controversial set of austerity measures early this morning in an attempt to ward off an impending mass default and expulsion from the EU. If this is all Greek to you, This American Life explains the whole story, one “filled with guilt, and drama, and betrayal, and 100-year-old dreams come true.”

THE POLITICAL PILL Just when it seemed like a religion-less presidential campaign was upon us, President Obama announced a compromise Friday to a controversial policy requiring religious organizations to cover contraception services for employees. The weekend’s most intriguing report on the matter comes from Andrew Sullivan, who writes: “The more Machiavellian observer might even suspect this is actually an improved bait and switch by Obama to more firmly identify the religious right with opposition to contraception, its weakest issue by far, and to shore up support among independent women and his more liberal base.”

ONE MOMENT IN TIME HLN provides a surprisingly provocative “Ultimate Whitney Playlist," and Abu Dhabi proves that the greatest love of all sometimes comes in the form of an eerily awesome fountain display:

So Emotional, indeed, gentlemen.