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A Tale of Two Cities


The two Portlands have gotten a lot of attention in the past year or so, so it was inevitable that a rivalry would pop up. And when a food site like Epicurious slips an item titled “Portland (Maine) is the New Portland (Oregon)” into its yearly trend roundup…it’s officially on.

Of course, Epicurious just cares about food, while we’re attuned to the more subtle charms of Oregon, including Winn Perry, Nau, the Field Notes factory, and Stephen Malkmus. On the other coast, Maine has Rogues Gallery, a whole lot of workwear...and not much else. Much as we love New England, we’re leaning to the northwest. But it's early in the feud and a primitive folk scene or homegrown boutique could change the game completely.

And if the rivalry ever gets too bloodthirsty, Maine may have a secret weapon or two.