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A Suitable Response


We’ve been shopping our musings on recession-chic around to a few other bloggers to see what ideas they came up with, and so far the response has been nothing short of intriguing. A Suitable Wardrobe has been one of our favorite trads since we started in the blogging game, so we thought we'd start things off with their response.

ASW writes:

Hard times bring a turn to conservatism. People are less inclined to take risks, for the same reason that farmers are some of the most conservative people around. A risk gone bad can mean disaster.

The vicissitudes of men's dress are certainly not as risky as a new type of seed but men want clothes they can wear to a job interview. Clothes that fit in. And interpretations of the past are a good way for designers to give them what they are looking for.

Not bad advice. We certainly wouldn’t mind a return to thicker lapels and more formal cuts, but on the whole it sounds like a drag. Of course, it’s supposed to—this is a recession, after all—but we were hoping the occasionally risky move would survive.

Then again, the outfit to come out of the last depression was the zoot suit…so there must be a few folks still willing to chance it.