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A Stylist’s Guide to Hair


By now, you’ve probably got a pretty good plan for your summer wardrobe, so we’d like to throw something else into the mix: your summer haircut. And to give you a little guidance, we’ve brought in a professional stylist who lives and breathes men’s hair. (Not literally.)

Dear readers, meet Amy Komorowski.

What’s your favorite (male) head of hair of all time? Elvis Presley. It doesn’t get any cooler than Elvis. He’s timeless and edgy and just everything. I was thinking if there is anyone like a modern-day Elvis, and there really isn’t. Hair styles get talked about like with Justin Bieber or Robert Pattinson, but there’s no one with that kind of authentic style to himself. Johnny Depp would probably be the closest.

What’s the number one hair gaffe we should warn men about? Using too much product. Hard, crusty hair is bad news. I call it the “gelmet.”

What’s up next for guy’s hair? The interesting thing about men’s trends is that they don’t move as quickly as women’s hair. Lately, I’m actually seeing a trend towards a more polished, tailored look. On the runways, you see a lot of side parts or more glossy, slicked-back hair with pomade.

A lot of your job is doing editorial work with celebrities. Any war stories? One of the most challenging things is not being able to cut their hair because of a movie or TV show they’re filming at the same time. I ran into this with Justin Timberlake when he was filming The Social Network and with Ed Westwick when Gossip Girl is shooting. Sometimes it’s just a bad haircut, like too heavy on one side, and you have to use some putty to break it up a little bit. You can really use product to hide a multitude of sins.

Amy Komorowski is the men’s celebrity hair stylist and grooming expert for AXE Hair.