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A Rager


The fashion world has provided fodder for dozens of movies, but this week’s model is definitely the most portable…

It’s called Rage, it features both Lily Cole and Jude Law (the latter in drag), and at the moment, the only place you’ll see it is on a mobile phone. The film takes the form of a series of faux-interviews—with a murder thrown in to keep the plot moving—so it should play pretty well on the small screen…but how many folks are willing to watch it there remains to be seen. Babelgum has been posting sections of the film serially through their mobile app, and you’ll be able to see the whole thing there by the time Monday rolls around. Of course, with a single camera setup and limited sets, it’s not quite as monumental as what you’ll find in theaters…but as the film equivalent of fast fashion, it does just fine.