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A Quick Peek


More goodies from CES, thanks to our friends at Energi-to-Go:

The trend in the tech world has been consolidating gadgets—by now, we’ve got a phone, email unit, media player, camera, and game module in one…and counting—but the big companies have overlooked some of the simpler ideas out there.

Peek is a widget with just email, which means only one interface and a remarkably slim casing. Since it bypasses the phone companies, they manage to keep the price down to $20 a month for email and text, along with $80 for the unit. Of course, we doubt it’ll do much to pry the business folks away from their Blackberries, but it could do a lot to bring more people into the magical world of mobile email…which should be good for everyong.

And it’s small enough that it won’t break the line of your suit.