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A Nubian Goat Walked into a Bar of Soap

A few days back, we received a press email from a stranger. This is not an uncommon event. Also, not an exciting event. Especially when it pertains to soap. But as we started to glance through this one, a series of unusual buzzwords piqued our interest. First off, they called their soap “Fancy Black Soap.” That’s the name of it. Bold. Pretentious. Now we’re on to something... Then the crazywords started tumbling toward us in droves: “volcanic ash,” “fresh milk from local pasture-raised Nubian goats,” “a secret Catskills Mountain location,” “hand poured.” So many, in fact, that we called in a sample of this stuff and decided to wallow in some dirt for a few days in preparation. Also, Googled Nubian goats.

To our surprise, the soap couldn’t talk, it didn’t hold the secret to the mysteries of the deep ocean, and it wasn’t wearing double monks. But it was a chocolate brown bar stamped with the words “GOAT MILK,” felt excellent on the skin and left us feeling aggressively clean. And sure, maybe we just think it’s great since Nubian goats are involved. But isn’t that enough?