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A Model-Spy Luxuriates in Gant Rugger’s Brooklyn

  • Kempt Staff

0814KMT - links Today’s must-reads from around the Internet.

B. Luxe: Gant Rugger’s fall line is dubbed “Brooklyn Luxe” and Esquire has a look at why (hint: chunky knits, booze and salsa are involved).

Rather Ruritanian: The fantastic but nearly forgotten story of the model-spy-polyglot known as Toto Koopman.

The Mother-F-er: The gents of the quarterly across the pond catch up with Christopher Mintz-Plasse to talk about his post-McLovin life (and nicknames).

All Class: Now that we’ve set you up with your jetset essentials, let Details show you how to snag a seat on a private jet for less than a business class ticket.