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A Mighty Blow


In general, we try to keep a laissez-faire attitude towards a man’s morning routine, but when the latest issue of Gentleman’s Quarterly devotes a page of their fine publication to the premise of blow-drying men’s hair… we have to take exception.

To keep it brief, this is one trend you can skip. And the exceptionally self-serious black-and-white snap of Robert Pattinson that ran with the piece might give you some idea as to why.

The GQ case revolves around durability. Combing product into wet hair leaves it vulnerable to the elements, and longer locks can become unmanageable in the face of the elements. It’s true enough, but even faced with long windswept locks, we’d rank blow-drying as the worst of your options. A second towel dry from a fresh towel before you hit the pomade will do a lot, and so will keeping a spare comb at work for any necessary touchups in the office bathroom. (Thirty seconds tops; you’ve got work to do.) Failing that, it might be time to get a haircut.

In comparison, blow drying seems like too much effort for too little payoff. It’s the first step in a long routine—a first sweep, a squeeze of product and five minutes of targeted tug-and-blasting—that will require close attention and your best impression of a hairdresser. The result is a hairstyle that, at best, will make you look like you belong in a Gucci ad. That might be a good look for some guys, but we’re not one of them, and we’d guess you aren’t either.

We’re not alone in being skeptical. GQ was rolling their eyes at this idea just nine months ago, which puts it squarely in the category of “passing fads.”

Consider yourself warned.