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A Loud Pair


In the midst of Wimbledon and on the heels of a documentary about how great they are, John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg just announced the next logical step in their decades-long rivalry: underwear.

We’ll say it again. Underwear.

Borg’s been making boxer briefs since ’89, and in honor of the 31st anniversary of their famous duel, he’s brought on McEnroe for a co-branded capsule collection. The good news is, they both seem to be enjoying themselves and a fair chunk of the money is going to charity. The bad news—and the elephant in the room here—is that Borg’s underwear is hideous.

Even accounting for cultural differences—and we don’t know what passes for skivvies in the wild north—that’s just an ugly pair of boxer briefs. So it’s good news that he brought the stylish McEnroe in for a little help on that front—and it seems to be working, with McEnroe describing one of the two pairs as “tighty whitey.” It’s not perfect, but we have to think it’s an improvement.

And if all else fails…there’s always tennis.