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A Gust of Handsomeness Blowing into Chicago

  • Najib Benouar

For anyone lucky enough to find themselves in Chicagoland tomorrow, the first Windy City installment of the men’s pop-up market NorthernGrade will be taking place. And it’s going to be a barn burner.

In the grand tradition of the Pop-Up Flea (co-helmed by our very own editorial director), the folks from Pierrepont Hicks and Well Spent are putting on a Midwestern fete of Americana. The daylong bazaar of selvage, duck canvas and other ruggedly made-in-America-only gear will be hosting 19 coast-to-coast brands, with a few local shops like Penelope’s and Haberdash on hand to help things along.

To whet your appetite, we’ve got a full list of the vendors who’ll be there.

Penelope’s (Sponsor) - Chicago, IL Haberdash (Sponsor) - Chicago, IL Red Wing - Red Wing, MN Tellason - San Francisco, CA Winter Session - Chicago, IL Pierrepont Hicks - Minneapolis, MN Oak Street Bootmakers - Chicago, IL Independence - Chicago, IL Portland General Store - Portland, ME Field Notes - Chicago, IL Archival Clothing - Eugene, OR MidNorth Mercantile - Minneapolis, MN Stormy Kromer - Ironwood, MI Sir & Madame - Chicago, IL Locally Grown - Des Moines, IA Corter Leather - Boston, MA Inland Clothing - Chicago, IL Heritage Bicycles - Chicago, IL Drift Eyewear - Chicago, IL