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A Gentleman’s Guide to Warm Hands


As part of our tireless commitment to outfitting you for the coming winter, we thought we’d call attention to your hands.

More specifically, how you’re going to protect them without losing the ability to turn doorknobs.

Fortunately, the rise of the lumberjack-as-style-icon means you’ve got a uniquely broad swath of cozy gloves to choose from, and most of them can take as much snowball-related punishment as you can dish out. In short, it’s going to be quite a winter.

Behold, our favorite gloves:


The Heritage Model: Pendleton Leather-Palmed Gloves These are the classic lumberjack model, a triumph of rugged functionality and the magical powers of plaid. The leather patches on the palms give it a work-ready grip while the adjustable wrist-strap wards off any loose bits of snow. In short, it’s a no-frills approach to working in the snow, with a classic flannel pattern thrown in for good measure.

The Runner Up: Barbour Fingerless Gloves leave your fingertips free to navigate a smartphone—which, depending on your priorities, may be more important than avoiding frostbite.


The Driving Glove Woolrich John Rich & Bros. Wool Glove If you have a short walk to the office and deep pockets in your overcoat, you may not need anything too thick—but you’ll still want something. To that end, we suggest these half-wood, half-goatskin gloves. They’re quite possibly the sharpest thing on this list and, with a 40-gram thinsulate lining inside, a good deal warmer than they look. The snap closure might lead to chilly wrists…but you’ll survive.

The Runner Up: Dents Sheepskin Gloves are a slightly warmer take on the same glove.


The Frontier Mitten Paul Smith Jeans Hunter Mitts As usual, we’ve reserved the last item for an industrial strength, Shackleton-level approach to winter. These are the most arctic items we’ve got, a fur-filled mitten complete with toggle straps, Eskimo-style edging and enough insulation to keep your fingers warm indefinitely. If you’re planning to spend the next six hours on a ski slope, this is your mitten.