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A Gentleman’s Guide to the Summer Hat

The sun just woke up. And it is angry.

So while during the other eight months of the year, a brimmed hat might be a lovable affectation, we’ve entered the scorching stretch of days when that brim serves a vital function. You need shelter from the sun—and if possible, you’d like to do it without looking like a complete yokel. If you’re ready to move beyond the baseball cap, we’ve got three places for you to look...

The PanamaThis is our favorite, the favored choice of dissolute wanderers from Graham Greene to Sean Connery. It’s light, breathable—basically the perfect beach hat. Extra points if you’re wearing it to tropical climes.Our Pick: Borsalino.

The Park RangerThis one’s a little bit warmer, less of a vacation piece than an everyday, mysterious-stranger-in-the-desert piece. The brim is wide and flat, which sets it apart as more on-trend than a fedora or the other competition. (Exhibit A: the above chap in the latest Adam Kimmel x Carhartt lookbook.) For inspiration, we’d suggest Daniel Plainview.Our Pick: Goorin Bros.’ Buck Rivers, and keep the brim flipped down.

The Doss:Of course, we couldn’t write a hat piece without mentioning Justin Doss, the well-millinered GQ fashion editor. In particular, he has a way of pulling off the kind of floppy-brimmed hats that we’re more accustomed to seeing on elderly French painters. It’s an advanced move—but if you can pull it off, it’ll be the coolest thing you do all summer.Our Pick: For this one, you’ll have to go vintage.