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A Gentleman’s Guide to Re-Waxing


As you may have noticed recently, just because it’s summer doesn’t mean it can’t start pouring rain at any moment.

And now that the first crop of trend-inspired waxed cotton jackets and bags are getting a bit weathered—and, consequently, a little less waterproof—it might be time to look into re-upping your wax coating. Fortunately, it’s a lot easier than you might think.

The popular method is still picking up one of Fjallraven’s wax blocks, rubbing it onto your jacket crayon-style and then ironing it into an even sheen. The only problem is, it might get hairy in the same places as regular ironing, like cuffs, collars and other crannies—and if you find out you missed a spot, you’ll have to do the whole thing again.

Oliver Spencer suggests a more elaborate but potentially handsomer tactic. Chill the jacket in ice water, melt the wax in a double-boiler, then daub the molten wax on slowly with a cloth. The wax will congeal as soon as it hits the chilled jacket, so you’ll see the results immediately. More importantly, the liquid will let you get around cuffs, under buckle-straps and anywhere else that might be wearing thin. The downside: the odds of emerging from the experience covered in wax is significantly higher…but that’s never stopped you before.