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A Gentleman’s Guide to Raincoats


As the downpours of the last few weeks suggest, it’s raincoat season.

So, in the interests of keeping you one step ahead of the torrential downpours of the next few months, we’ve rounded up our favorites of the year, from traddish classics to monsoon-ready ponchos. In out book, it’s the best 2011 has to offer. Choose wisely.

The Classic If you regularly wear a three-piece suit, read no further: this is the one for you. The mackintosh is still the gold standard in trad raingear. Of course, you’re going to need something to keep your head dry—possibly a hood of some kind—but it can be arranged. The Favorite: APC’s Hooded Mackintosh The Runner Up: J.Crew’s Mackintosh Reissue

The Minimalist All you really need in this situation is a thin layer of waterproof fabric, usually a synthetic. It’s the kind of thing that can be lovingly folded into a briefcase or desk drawer, in case of emergencies. And since there isn’t much insulation, it’s ideal for warm-weather rains or anyone planning a trip to Malaysia any time soon. The Favorite: Guy Cotton’s Derby Jacket The Runner Up: Postalco’s Rain Cape

The Parka This is where the other 90% of gentlemen end up, an all-purpose midweight spring jacket that won’t look out of place on a sunny day. We’ve only got one rule: go bright or go home. This will be the first thing out of your closet once your duffel coat goes into storage, so you’ve earned a little spring celebration. The Favorite: Noodle Park’s Olmo Jacket The Runner Up: Sierra Designs’ 60/40 reissue