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A First Look Inside J.Crew’s Ludlow Shop

J.Crew’s Ludlow Shop opened earlier today in Tribeca, the first shop wholly devoted to their signature two-button suit. And nice guys that they are, they let us in for a look around. There’s a lot to see, including a rare look at the Ludlow’s inner construction and some typically handsome Drake’s gear. But we won’t ruin it all by talking; take a look after the jump...

One of the coolest things about the shop is the half-made jacket hanging near the workshop area. It shows off the guts of the suit, and you can see for yourself what terms like “half-canvas” really mean. Note the bridle stitch running down the middle—a classic touch that helps soften the fold of the lapel.

Another deconstructing touch: they keep bolts of their suiting cloth in a corner of the shop, in case anyone wants to investigate the raw materials. Each one comes with a tag explaining where it comes from.

The sweater section, complete with vintage camera.

We say it every year, but they make a pretty handsome tie.

Five repp ties you’ll only find in-store.

It’s safe to say you won’t want for pocket squares.

The best in show: these tissue-thin versions from Drake’s.

The workshop corner of the store shows off vintage Alden lookbooks and oilcloth notebooks.

Frank Muytjens’s sketch of the Ludlow jacket, pinned to the house corkboard. Well done, sir.