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A Few More Condescending Nicknames...

  • Najib Benouar

Earlier this week, we made the case for dusting off the slightly condescending nickname, and we’ve been inundated with an outpouring of support for the idea ever since. We’d also like to thank everyone who (non-condescendingly) pointed out some very glaring oversights. (You can’t win ’em all, toots.) As it turns out, there’s such a wealth of lesser-known noms des condescension out there that we felt obligated to make an addendum.

So, hotshot, here’s every condescending nickname we left out last time. We think.

Hotshot, Hot Stuff, Doc, Mamacita, Little Lady, Genius, Sunshine, Cowboy, Chico, Freckles, Slick, Dimples, Chachi, Runt, Midget, Scooter, Whatever-their-name-is-san, Padawan, Grasshopper, Kato, Robin, Sancho, Einstein, MJ, Muchacha, Lollipop, Sister, Shortcake, Suzy Q, Lardo, Gunner, Sarge, Private, Buckaroo, Small Fry, Toots

All those, of course, in addition to our original list:

Squirt, Slim, Shortstack, Big Guy, Tiny, Champ, Cap’n, Slugger, Kiddo, Boy-o, Billy Boy, Hoss, Son, Sonny, Scout, Stud, Wink, Tiger, Charlie, Junior, Punk, Tough Guy, Bud, Chief, Mack, Killer, Ace, Bub, Boss, Pal, Buddy, Jack, Sport, Honey, Sugar, Sweetcheeks, Baby, Babycakes, Sweetheart, Cupcake, Puddin’, Doll, Dollface, Honeybuns, Barbie