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A Dozen Photos of the Beatles You’ve Never Seen

  • Najib Benouar

The Beatles’ meteoric rise really happened between 1964 and 1966—spanning from the birth of Beatle Mania in continental Europe to the “bigger than Jesus Christ” tour through America. And during that time, Harry Benson spent nearly every waking hour with the band as their officially unofficial photographer. He was like the fifth Beatle—with a camera strapped around his neck instead of a guitar—even tagging along on George’s honeymoon in Barbados. It gave him unique access to (and perspective on) the young lads in an exciting time—all documented through his lens. Some photos instantly became iconic (the pillow fight at the George V Hotel, the impromptu boxing session with a young fighter named Cassius Clay), but the rest were tucked away, never seen by the public... until now, in this oversized, 272-glossy-paged collector’s-edition book, The Beatles: On the Road, to be released soon from publishers extraordinaire Taschen.

So extraordinaire, in fact, that they were gracious enough to send over a dozen exclusive snaps from the book to share with you here. Enjoy.