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A Definitive Style Ranking of Scorsese’s Protagonists


Martin Scorsese has released 22 iconic, or damned near it, films in his day.

And on Christmas, Leo DiCaprio will be heading up number 23, the über-preppy ’90s bender The Wolf of Wall Street, in a wide spectrum of power ties and suiting.

As everything in the world of Scorsese, how he chooses to dress his leading man in each role is meticulously calculated, and even though that man may not vary much, those choices certainly do. So let’s now take a moment to seriously consider the legendary director’s on-screen style over the years.

And now, our definitive style ranking of Martin Scorsese’s protagonists.

1212scorsese1 22. Willem Dafoe in The Last Temptation of Christ.

1212scorsese2 21. David Carradine in Boxcar Bertha.

1212scorsese3 20. Nicolas Cage in Bringing Out the Dead.

1212scorsese4 19. Tenzin Thuthob Tsarong in Kundun.

1212scorsese5 18. Robert De Niro in New York, New York.

1212scorsese6 17. Robert De Niro in Cape Fear.

1212scorsese7 16. Asa Butterfield in Hugo.

1212scorsese8 15. Kris Kristofferson in Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.

- 14. Leo DiCaprio in The Departed.

1212scorsese10 13. Robert De Niro in The King of Comedy.

MCDGAOF EC029 12. Leo DiCaprio in Gangs of New York.

1212scorsese12 11. Robert De Niro in Raging Bull.

1212scorsese13 10. Leo DiCaprio in Shutter Island.

1212scorsese14 9. Harvey Keitel in Mean Streets.

1212scorsese15 8. Griffin Dunne in After Hours.

1212scorsese16 7. Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver.

1212scorsese17 6. Ray Liotta in Goodfellas.

1212scorsese18 5. Harvey Keitel in Who’s That Knocking at My Door.

MSDAGOF EC009 4. Daniel Day-Lewis in The Age of Innocence.

1212scorsese20 3. Leo DiCaprio in The Aviator.

1212scorsese21 2. Robert De Niro in Casino.

The Color Of Money 1. Paul Newman in The Color of Money.