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A Definitive Style Ranking of Coen Brothers Movies

  • Kempt Staff


American cinephiles rejoice: this weekend the Coen brothers grace us with their 16th feature-length film, Inside Llewyn Davis.

And by all accounts, it promises to be another Coen-riffic masterpiece to add to their already iconic oeuvre—one that gets re-dissected every time a new film pops up. But here’s one thing critics have managed to overlook: the on-screen style. It varies as much as the genres they’ve tackled and warrants as serious consideration as any other facet of their distinctive storytelling. Naturally, we’re correcting that oversight with:

A definitive style ranking of Coen brothers movies.

1205coens115. Raising Arizona

1205coens214. Burn After Reading

1205coens313. No Country for Old Men

1205coens412. Intolerable Cruelty

1205coens611. Blood Simple

1205coens510. Fargo

1205coens79. The Ladykillers

1205coens88. The Big Lebowski

1205coens97. The Hudsucker Proxy

TG-26610R.jpg6. True Grit

1205coens115. O Brother, Where Art Thou?

1205coens124. A Serious Man

1205coens133. The Man Who Wasn’t There

1205coens142. Barton Fink

1205coens151. Miller’s Crossing