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A Day at the Park


Unfortunately, we were stuck a time zone away from the madness that is Lollapalooza, but our Windy City correspondent Chris LaMorte was able to keep us up to date with a few snaps and a few dispatches.

Our favorite t-shirt came from this gentleman, whose shirt details some of the more memorable eyeglasses of the past few decades. (For the record, we’re most partial to Mr. Fellini.)

As for the bands, here’s a quick roundup a few of the more memorable acts:

The KillersIf Michael Stipe and Morrissey had a baby, it’s a pretty good bet he’d look - or at least perform — a lot like Brandon Flowers. Though there’s a good chance he’d still be named Brandon Flowers.

Santigold Flanked by a pair of dancers, she powered through songs like "L.E.S. Artistes,” which easily outshone her odd choice of a closer, a by-the-numbers rendition of The Cure’s “Killing an Arab.” Remember when Robert Smith still rocked?

The Hood Internet Chicago’s premiere underground club mixmasters didn’t melt in the heat…but they didn’t quite live up to Girl Talk’s inflatable boat hijinks either.

The DecemberistsFriday evening’s soggy start seemed to suit the Portland-based Decemberists just fine, as they shrugged off the rain with a impassioned plough through their newest work, The Hazards of Love. OK, there were costumes involved.

Lou Reed The Velvet Underground genius seemed slightly grumpy or confused—was it the heat?— struggling through various technical issues, and really never seemed to be that engaged with the audience, which we guess you might kind of expect. He didn’t win a lot of converts, but we suspect he’s fine with that.