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A Case Study for the Panama Hat

For all our gushing about the wild charms of the panama hat, actually wearing one can be a bit tricky. So we thought we’d shine a light on a gentleman who managed to pull it off without looking too much like Allan Quatermain.

The gentleman is Luke Mountain, a New York department store mainstay and owner of a particularly handsome Borsalino Panama. Of course, he’s in about as urban a setting as this world affords, but he pulls it off perfectly, thanks in large part to that linen blazer. Beyond that, the outfit couldn’t be more New York—the raw denim, the expert-level pattern matching between shirt and tie—but the loose color match is enough to tie it all together.

If you’ve got a khaki-colored jacket in your closet, you may want to pull the same trick. Just keep an eye out for hat racks.